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Orb effects are passive attack effects. The name comes from Orbs, which are items, that give an orb effect to the carrying hero. In warcraft 3 orb effects cannot stack and only one can be active at the same time.


Passive Abilities[edit]



If a unit has multiple orb effects, only one can be active. Some orb effects have a higher priority than others. The following rules determine which orb effect is active:

  1. Arrows have the highest priority
  2. Mask of Death has the highest priority of all items
  3. Items have a higher priority than passive abilities
  4. All orbs have the same priority
  5. If multiple orbs are in one inventory, their position determines, which is active

Inventory Priority[edit]

1 2
3 4
5 6


Certain Orbs use a wrapper ability, that has a chance to cast another ability on the attacked unit. However the wrapper ability will not trigger, if the attacker automatically acquires the target while idling or after the Stop and the Hold Position command.

If the attacker acquires the target during a command such as Attack-Move and Patrol, the wrapper ability will work.

Orbs using the wrapper ability[edit]

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
  • Buff All Orbs now affect magic-immune units.
  • Neutral Arrow abilities set to autocast now override Orb effects.