Pandaria Solo League - Season 2

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[e][h]Pandaria Solo League - Season 2
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Pandaria League
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3 divisions
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Player Breakdown
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1v1 map pool

The Pandaria Solo League - Season 2 is the second season of a solo league for French players only. It's organized by Pandaria League and broadcasted by Noobcraft.

Pandaria League is a nationaly-famous French teamleague born in 2004 and played until 2017 on several games such as Warcraft III, StarCraft II and League of Legends. With the soon-to-be-released Reforged version of Warcraft III and the regain of interest for the latest coming along, Pandaria League has reborn for a solo league.

Format and dates[edit]

The Season 2 has been split into four divisions (D4 not covered by liquipedia). It kicked-off April 6th and should ends during July.

  • Division : 12 players.
  • Division 2 : 2 groups of 12 players each.
  • Division 3 : 2 groups of 12 players each.

Each group played as follow :

  • round robin (a player faces each others once),
  • all matches played as Bo3.

Ranking based on :

  • number of win.

Eventually :

  • top 6 from D1 qualify for playoffs :
    • top 2 goes straight to semifinals,
    • 3rd-6th ranked players start in round of 6.
  • D2 top player promoted to D1 while D1 last player downgraded to D2.
  • D2 2nd-3rd ranked player face D1 10th-11th ranked players in relegation playoffs.

Prize pool[edit]

€ TBA are spread among the divisions as seen below :

  • TBA for division 1,
  • TBA for division 2.
  • No prize for division 3.


Human Human (4) Orc Orc (0) Undead Undead (4) Night Elf Night Elf (4)
Division 1
France Daille
France SyDe France GueSs
France Ze1Ko
France KraV
France Wolf
France Philo
France KurCo
Germany Kevin
France Klaus
France SePhI
France blaST9Z
Division 2A
France ZeLL
France ThoMz
France ShaD
France CorNoX
France Punisher France Mantalo
France Feartheg0lem
France DuFLiFe
France Overk* France InsoliTe France KounTy
France Zenit
Division 2B
France Valefort
France daRe
France SolveThis
France Darky
France DesTr0
France Low
France SeTh
France TimberOwls
France SaturN
France SoTi
France Miko
France Kroshwan
  • DowN as been replaced by Overk for non-attendance.

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