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Passive abilities will apply their effects as long as they are available. Passive abilities do not consume mana and sometimes have cooldowns.

Pseudo Random Distribution[edit]

Main Article: Pseudo Random Distribution

Pseudo Random Distribution is a mechanic from the Warcraft 3 engine where seemingly random outcomes are instead pseudo-random, limiting the factor of luck significantly. Pseudo-random distributions are used to calculate chance based passive abilities including Critical Strike, Bash, Evasion and Drunken Brawler. The PRD works by increasing the percentage chance for an activation by a certain amount every time it didnt activate until the chance for activation is over 100%.

Passive Abilities[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Blademaster Critical Strike
Crypt Lord Spiked Carapace
Demon Hunter Evasion
Mountain King Bash
Pandaren Brewmaster Drunken Brawler
Pit Lord Cleaving Attack
Tauren Chieftain Reincarnation
Tinker Demolish
Tinker Engineering Upgrade
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Abomination Disease Cloud
Abomination Unit Inventory (Undead)
Albatross Wander
Ancient Hydra Spawn Hydra
Ancient Sasquatch Reincarnation
Ancient Wendigo Bash
Ancient Wendigo Reincarnation
Archer Elune's Grace
Archer Improved Bows
Archer Marksmanship
Archer Unit Inventory (Night Elf)
Avatar of Vengeance Resistant Skin
Avatar of Vengeance Spell Immunity
Banshee Unit Inventory (Undead)
Battle Golem Spell Immunity
Berserk Elemental Spell Immunity
Berserk Wildkin Bash
Black Dragon Spell Immunity
Bloodfiend Cleaving Attack
Blue Dragon Spell Immunity
Blue Dragonspawn Apprentice Evasion
Blue Dragonspawn Meddler Evasion
Blue Dragonspawn Overseer Evasion
Blue Dragonspawn Sorcerer Evasion
Blue Dragonspawn Warrior Evasion
Bronze Dragon Spell Immunity
Brood Mother Spawn Spiders
Centaur Khan Reincarnation
Chimaera Corrosive Breath
Crab Wander
Crypt Fiend Unit Inventory (Undead)
Destroyer Spell Immunity
Dire Frost Wolf Critical Strike
Dire Wolf (Creep) Critical Strike
Dire Wolf (Summon) Critical Strike
Dog Wander
Doom Guard (Creep) Resistant Skin
Doom Guard (Summoned) Resistant Skin
Dragon Turtle Spiked Carapace
Dragonhawk Rider Animal War Training
Druid of the Claw (Bear) Unit Inventory (Night Elf)
Druid of the Claw Unit Inventory (Night Elf)
Druid of the Talon Unit Inventory (Night Elf)
Dryad Spell Immunity
Dryad Unit Inventory (Night Elf)
Dune Worm Wander
Earth Pulverize
Earth Resistant Skin
Earth Spell Immunity
Elder Sasquatch Bash
Elder Wendigo Bash
Enforcer Evasion
Enraged Elemental Spell Immunity
Eredar Warlock Bash
Faerie Dragon Spell Immunity
Fel Boar Wander
Fire Permanent Immolation
Fire Resistant Skin
Flying Machine Flak Cannons
Flying Machine Flying Machine Bombs

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Item Abilities
Item Ability
Amulet of Spell Shield Spell Shield
Ankh of Reincarnation Reincarnation
Cloak of Flames Permanent Immolation
Talisman of Evasion Evasion

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