WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne - Patch 1.16

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[e][h]Patch 1.16
Patch Information
Release Date:
  • Shared cooldown of 20 seconds added on all summoning items.
  • Balance Updates
Chronology (Balance Updates)

Balance Updates[edit]


  • Rifleman hit points reduced to 505 from 520.


  • Destroyer negative mana regeneration increased to -6/sec from -3/sec.
  • Mana gain of Devour Magic increased to 150 per dispelled unit from 75 per dispelled unit.
  • Orb of Annihilation mana cost increased to 50 from 25.
  • Orb of Annihilation had a splash damage that was dealing full damage to all targets instead of full damage to the primary target, and reduced damage to nearby targets. This discrepancy has been fixed and the orb now deals damage identical to the functionality in Patch 1.14.


Neutral Heroes[edit]

  • Cluster Rockets cooldown reduced to 6 seconds from 7 seconds.
  • Pocket Factory cooldown reduced to 35 seconds from 40 seconds.
  • Pit Lord base Strength increased to 26 from 24.
  • Dark Minion hit points increased from 200/260/320 to 215/290/405 and armor reduced to 0/0/0 from 1/2/3.
  • Breath of Fire has been damage capped to 8 targets. Note that this does not affect the amount of damage dealt by burning damage from the Breath of Fire / Drunken Haze combination.
  • Storm, Earth and Fire Pandaren hit points increased by 200, and attack damage increased by 33%.



  • Replays are incompatible between major game revisions (1.15 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.16 version of Warcraft III). Custom save games will not load from version 1.15.

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