WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne - Patch 1.21

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[e][h]Patch 1.21
Patch Information
Release Date:


  • The game now runs natively on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs.
  • Player can now view frames per second using the /fps chat command.


  • Fixed a timing problem with the game on PCs with dual-core CPUs.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with the Frost Breath ability.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an exploit that could happen in multiplayer games.

Important Note on Patching for Mac Players:

  • The file layout inside the game folder is changed significantly by Patch 1.21. As a result, in order to be able to install the Frozen Throne expansion from CD, you must install Reign of Chaos first, then install Frozen Throne from CD, and then patch to version 1.21, in that order. If you patch to v1.21 and then attempt to install Frozen Throne after that, it will not install correctly.


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