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Pillage is a passive ability and upgrade that enables units to gain resources when attacking buildings. Pillage is researchable at the Great Hall or its higher tier equivalents.

Ability Variants[edit]

Cast Type : Passive
Target Type : No Target
Each attack that does damage to a building also gains resources. This is a passive ability. Pillage returns 50% of the cost of the building if you destroy it at full health.
Targets Allowed : Structure, Enemy, Neutral
Resource Factor : 50%
Upgrade: Pillage
Cost : 75 25  Research Time:  60
Researched at : Great Hall
 Hotkey : G

List of Units and Items with Pillage[edit]

Grunt GruntPillage Pillage
Peon PeonPillage Pillage
Raider RaiderPillage Pillage

Version History[edit]

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