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In this Portal you can find all the info you need about Warcraft 3 Players. Click one of the tabs to find players based on their origin.

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Minor tier tournament winners
Warcraft3.info Elo Ranking
1Russia Happy2688(46)
2South Korea Lyn2530(-16)
3South Korea Moon2503(16)
4China Eer02481(-39)
5South Korea FoCuS2468(27)
6Germany XlorD2466(46)
7Ukraine Foggy2434(9)
8China Colorful2427(79)
9China Infi2407(0)
10South Korea LawLiet2384(-18)
11United States Hitman2381(16)
12China Fly100%2380(6)
13China Fortitude2373(-15)
14United States CrunCher2370(0)
15South Korea Chaemiko2368(-10)
16Spain VortiX2367(-19)
17South Korea Sok2363(-5)
18China TeD2346(0)
19South Korea Soin2317(-6)
20China Kaho2277(55)
21Russia JohnnyCage2269(27)
22South Korea MichaeL2263(-55)
23Russia HawK2261(3)
24Moldova Blade2259(0)
25Germany WaN2246(8)
26China Lin Guagua2235(-20)
27Slovenia Starbuck2222(-4)
28France ToD2222(13)
29China 15sui2221(-22)
30China Pcg 1232219(-21)
31South Korea Yange2210(0)
32France KraV2204(-23)
33Canada KiWiKaKi2185(0)
34China Pink2179(10)
35China Zhou Xixi2174(-8)
36South Korea ThundeR2172(13)
37Spain LucifroN2169(0)
38China Alice2165(-7)
39Russia Neytpoh2165(-9)
40China HuG2160(0)
41China Sini2152(9)
42China XiaoKai2150(-21)
43Poland TeRRoR2148(6)
44China Tbc bm2145(0)
45Canada INSUPERABLE2143(0)
46Russia Sheik2139(-23)
47France SyDe2136(-1)
48China WFZ2132(-11)
49France SaiDe2130(-7)
50China Ice orc2128(6)
51China Fast2119(-7)
52Russia Dise2112(41)
53Ukraine Sonik2106(7)
54Russia Cash2105(0)
55Germany Spiral2103(-21)
56Sweden ThorZaIN2099(0)
57Russia CoopeR2080(-6)
58China 无道oc2078(0)
59Sweden LiiLD.C2071(-9)
60Peru Hunter2062(8)
61Russia TGW2061(-24)
62Germany EnTe2043(-5)
63Singapore Fish2037(41)
64China XiaoKK2031(-13)
65South Korea Luna2026(14)
66China Mango2021(-5)
67United States Pride2020(-1)
68Russia Please2019(-4)
69Russia Deathnote2019(-29)
70Australia DirtBag1998(0)
71United States Duck1992(3)
72Sweden Starshaped1991(-1)
73South Korea Free1970(0)
74Poland Aserinox1966(0)
75Germany Shocky1965(16)
76Lithuania Bizzare1965(0)
77Poland Paladyn1961(-3)
78Peru Fenix1953(0)
79France Toxi1947(0)
80Germany Kevin1946(16)
81China Melody1938(-6)
82Russia CaSpeND1937(-4)
83Croatia RaZZoRMaN1928(-3)
84Ukraine HoT1927(0)
85Russia JadeDark1925(9)
86Kazakhstan Arma1925(15)
87Canada Deuce1923(-2)
88Germany Edo1918(3)
89Spain ToRReNtE1905(0)
90New Zealand Ceron1904(5)
91China DuskMint1904(0)
92Serbia FpXy1903(7)
93Russia Verdi1895(3)
94New Zealand SaysO1893(-1)
95Croatia P1nke1892(-6)
96Russia Maru1889(1)
97Austria Franzyzz1884(-2)
98Russia Biko1883(-10)
99Russia ShaDai1880(0)
100Germany ToM1879(-5)
101Germany Drunken1879(-9)
102United States OC1875(0)
103Bulgaria Lubber1875(9)
104Belarus OrcWorker1873(0)
105Germany YaGami1873(0)
106China Anxi1873(10)
107China Hum181869(0)
108France StanD1864(0)
109Germany Remodemo1864(0)
110China Meteor1861(0)
111United States Ark1857(-19)
112Chile Jens1854(0)
113France Passion1854(0)
114France Wiz1852(0)
115Russia Cement1851(13)
116United Kingdom Quberte1849(-3)
117Iran DeMiGoD1846(0)
118Germany Philiwarrior1843(3)
119China Bzddd1837(0)
120Germany Sunny1834(25)
121Russia SDmK1833(0)
122China MosesMalone1832(0)
123Spain Scars1830(4)
124China Zihaitun1824(0)
125Germany JokeRn1823(9)
126Poland Mosura1821(0)
127Russia Gonz1820(16)
128United States Lado1819(0)
129Russia Flopoks1819(-3)
130Russia Ag3nt1812(-5)
131United States LongWalk1811(1)
132Germany SpoKi1811(0)
133Poland Robinson1810(-3)
134China HurricaneBo1806(0)
135Russia Stink3r1805(-12)
136Sweden Skutt1803(0)
137Ukraine Ser1802(0)
138Sweden KnOfF1802(0)
139Germany Ic31788(0)
140France BlaST9Z1784(0)
141Germany Sw1tch1784(0)
142Poland KroLu1783(3)
143China FC3S1782(0)
144France Ze1Ko1781(13)
145China HuaZhu1780(0)
146Serbia Ajk1779(0)
147South Korea Fog1773(0)
148France Daille1772(0)
149Brazil MysT1772(-5)
150Iran PhoeNix1761(0)
151Australia SwordPuppy1759(-1)
152Russia Rici1758(14)
153Bulgaria GodFather1753(3)
154Brazil PaTo1751(3)
155Russia CranKy SnaiL1749(0)
156United States XiaOgame1749(1)
157United Kingdom ToX1745(-10)
158Russia AleX1744(0)
159Bulgaria LeX1743(0)
160Venezuela Aeb1742(-1)
161Denmark FaiLo1741(0)
162Poland Smurf1739(-3)
163Vietnam HellRaiseR1738(2)
164Austria Rigety1735(0)
165Germany Darkness1733(3)
166France Chanji1732(0)
167France NiFi1730(0)
168China War3Orcer01729(0)
169United States BoO1724(0)
170Australia Sooo Unreal1723(-8)
171China 9deathless1722(0)
172Canada Meecro1720(14)
173Germany Pain1720(0)
174France Philo1714(0)
175United Kingdom IDentify1712(0)
176France CorNoX1710(0)
177Russia Serejavaxta1709(0)
178Norway PSILoveYou1705(0)
179United Kingdom Hipposaur1703(-22)
180Australia Oxx1702(0)
181Germany RiplEy1688(0)
182Netherlands SushiLicious1683(0)
183Bulgaria SoulEater1681(0)
184Hungary Crrpt1679(-7)
185Brazil PhiLbOiS1679(-2)
186Russia EfpAT1677(2)
187Russia TheFlash1675(4)
188Venezuela Rottereye1669(0)
189Lithuania TiesioG1669(0)
190Croatia Ember1667(0)
191United States Soulglider1664(-5)
192Poland Hankk1659(-2)
193Germany PalleS1659(-6)
194Sweden Fhra1659(0)
195Netherlands ArminvB1658(8)
196Germany Changer1654(-25)
197Peru DanGer1652(0)
198Russia MisterWinner1652(20)
199China Leezeay1651(0)
200Poland NoV1649(0)

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