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In this Portal you can find all the information you need about Warcraft III Tournaments.

How to create a tournament page

Hi, this is a tutorial for how to create a tournament page, on Liquipedia. We'll go through how to deal with the different templates. The bold text is the actual "code" while comment are italic text. The Tournament tutorial is also available for most standard tournaments, but it is still encouraged that you first read this page to find all the tools available.

The fuchsia features are MANDATORY.


You can add a small summary of the event, like features regarding : organization, sponsoring, actual name (in homecountry language), etc. ...

Special features :

  • If the pagename (is not the one you want show, use {{DISPLAYTITLE:title you want show}}.
  • If the tournament is part of a series you can add a {{Navbox}}.
  • An infobox league.

Format and dates

You can add here precision about the format of the event and the match dates.

Prize pool

You can add a introductive text. For instance to detail special prize distribution, like a MVP or donation bonus. 

There is 3 prize pool templates for each "type" of event :

The features depend on the type of the event. Check, Individual Tournaments, Team Tournaments & 2v2 Tournaments pages for further details.

Rules :

  • every single player/team who earned prize money (or qualification points) must be add,
  • add all players/teams for major or premier events,
  • we usually add 4 players/teams for a minor, monthly or weekly events,
  • For a qualifier (and if there is no further reward), we usually add 2 players/teams.


You can/must add here the list of the players/teams who entered the tournament.
  • The section is not important for the solo tournaments. There is no participant table template for the solo events, you can copy paste from any premier event if needed.
  • Skip the section for the 2v2 events (risks of conflict with the prize pool table).
  • MANDATORY for the teams events (team prize pool tables attribute individual prize money according to infos filled into the following templates.

IMPORTANT : the {{prize pool slot team}} seek into {{ClanCard}}/{{TeamCard}}/{{TeamCardSimple}} for the team name, it MUST BE the exact same for both. If want to show another name than the "prize pool table one" :

  • fill |team= with what you want,
  • fill |teamcode= with the team name you previously filled into the prize pool table.


Add here the results of the tournament.

There is a huge amount of bracket templates, each one featuring special format and/or type. The following templates all use SemanticMediaWiki providing statistics. These templates works by pairs :

  • one determining the appearance of the bracket witchin you will fill either players, race, flag either teams and score.
  • another one determining the appearance of the pop-up witchin you can fill the match details (date, maps, heroes, vod, replays, recap)

For the solo events :

For the team events :

There is no special feature for the 2v2 events, it's the same as team events but you MUST only use {{BracketTeamMatchMulti}} for match details.


You can add here statistics and distribution tables (only available for solo events).

External links

You can add here external links.