P r o - G a m i n g

[e][h]P r o - G a m i n g
Team Information
Belarus Duck
Belarus Duck
Team Captain:
Russia OkkuLitsCh (K-one)

P r o - G a m i n g, also known as Clan pG, is a Belarus team competing in European team leagues and hosting minor Warcraft tournaments.


Clan pG was created in 2002. From the old lineup there was only pG.Duck, which was recreated by the clan in 2015 together with pG.Okkul. The clan participated in international leagues such as wc3l, ngl, wc3cl, nwc3l, clanwars and other events. The Leader of the clan is the belarusian elf pG.Duck. He deals with the main issues of screening, integration, pooling and expanding the clan in the cyber arena. His first deputy is Okkul. He is an adviser and chief manager for external affairs. The second deputy pG.Sirius is engaged in ideological work and humorous content. The third deputy pG.Watcher is engaged in the creation, editing of tournament tables, as well as PR manager. The foreign policy of the clan is aimed at the constant expansion, interaction and strengthening of positions, the recruitment of productive players. In 2017 clan pG had expanded by two more squads: Pro-Gaming College [pGCl] as second squad and Pro-Gaming Junior [pGJr] as third squad. First squad got the name Pro-Gaming Expert [pG].

Tournament Organizers[edit]

Clan pG started the pG Cup and pG Fun Cup series in 2017, which they organize and fund.


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
ilIsrael u Acedia 2017-01-10
byBelarus o Acx 2018-11-12
ruRussia u Biko Vadim Starkov 2018-02-21
huHungary o Crrpt Marcell Szurkos 2017-02-26
byBelarus n Duck Ivan Kavalenka 2002
ruRussia h FeeLx 2017-04-02
ruRussia u Flopoks 2018-05-22
ruRussia h FroZeN Dmitriy Shestakovskiy 2017-02-02
ruRussia u Havoline Garik Agadjanyan 2017-11-07
frFrance n Hyz 2017-11-19
byBelarus n KnoPa Igor Romanko 2017-02-21
deGermany n MezzoMix Ilya Angenvoort 2017-04-02
ruRussia n Kol9ni4 Nikolay Paramonov 2016-11-30
ruRussia n OkkuLitsCh Nikita Svatko 2015
ruRussia o Rici Konstantin Ivanov 2018-09-18
ruRussia n rvs Vladimir Buravkov 2018-03-24
ruRussia h Sky-Watcher Dmitriy Pipchenko 2015
usUSA n T3RRoR 2018-04-09
deGermany o wRoNg 2018-05-25
ruRussia n ShadQwsong Andrian Sobolev
ruRussia n JadeDark
ruRussia o EfpAT 2019-06-03
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date Hire Date New Team
mdMoldova h Blade Vadim Gundiuc 2017-08-14 2018-05-02 HOT ELITE 2018
ruRussia o Cash Artyom Shirobokov 2017-08-12 2017-11-10 League of Stars
ruRussia h Imperius Maksim Matveev 2017-08-10 2018-05-02 Wolves eSports
hrCroatia o RaZZoRMaN Antonio Burazer 2017-09-11 2018-05-03
deGermany h RiplEy Pascal Tessmer 2016-12-14 HOT ELITE 2018
ruRussia h Upsell
nlNetherlands h Ikbencool Tony Hollaar 2017-01-13 2018-01-01 Underground Kings
ruRussia n Please Sergey Bryushkov 2018-09-18 2019-07-19 Cascade Esports


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize ($)
2019-07-28 A99 - 10th A3Tier 3 Warcraft3.info League - Season 1 1 : 8 $0
2018-07-01 A33 - 4th A3Tier 3 NWC3L - Season 10 (Div 1) 0 : 9 $
2017-11-18 I1Won A7Show M. pG Showmatch 25 4 : 1 $60
2017-11-05 A22nd A3Tier 3 NWC3L - Season 8 2 : 8 $
About achievementsComplete Results in any Tournament
  • 3rd place WC3CL Season 56
  • 2nd place WC3CL Season 57
  • 2nd place WC3CL Season 58
  • 3rd place NWC3L Season 10

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