A player can pick one of four races to play or choose Random. Each race has unique Buildings and Units and different playstyles. The races are:


 Human - Alliance of Lordaeron
Well-rounded units
Buildings can be built anywhere
Peasants can become militia at the main Town Hall
Multiple workers can be used to construct buildings faster
Human Units

Orc - Orcish Horde
Very beefy and expensive units
Burrows coupled with Peons are used as a defense
Orc peons are immune while constructing buildings
Several orc units can be upgraded to salvage gold and lumber when attacking enemy buildings
Orc Units
Orc Strategy
Night Elf

Night Elf - Night Elf Sentinels
Several buildings (called "treants") can uproot to move and attack land units
Night elf units have improved vision during nighttime
Wisps are immune while harvesting gold and can harvest lumber anywhere without needing to return their resources
Wisps sacrifice themselves when building treants
Night elf Units
Night elf Strategy

Undead - Undead Scourge
Can use corpses as a resource
Buildings must be built upon Blight
Acolytes only need to begin a building's summoning
Acolytes can harvest gold at Haunted Gold Mines without returning their resources
Undead Units
Undead Strategy