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The Ramiun Cup (also know as 라면컵 lamyeonkeob) is a former Korean weekly tournament organized by Ramiun48. It's a one day cup, played online on Battle.net asian-servers : Kalimdor.

The cup ran from July 2015 to April 2017, FoCuS is the most successful player with 14 editions won.


Each cup consist in a 16 seed single elimination bracket :

  • round of 16 and quarterfinals are best-of-1,
  • semi-finals are best-of-3,
  • final is best-of-5.

Hall of Fame[edit]

Player 1st 2ndEarnings
South Korea  FoCuS145$727
South Korea  Lucifer75$456
South Korea  LawLiet70$306
South Korea  Check66$456
South Korea  Believe54$362
South Korea  Bany30$104
South Korea  Sok26$233
South Korea  Kei22$76
South Korea  MinHyuk13$167
South Korea  BaN10$0


#Date 1st 2nd SF SF # 
#12015-07-27South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#22015-08-03South Korea  BaNSouth Korea  eMaLSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#32015-08-30South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  CheckSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  KKapstone8
#42015-09-11South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#52015-09-24South Korea  KeiSouth Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#62015-10-08South Korea  BanySouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#72015-10-22South Korea  CheckSouth Korea  LuxurySouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#82015-10-29South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  KeiSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#92015-11-05South Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  CheckSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  Sok0
#102015-11-12South Korea  CheckSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  Hayato8
#112015-11-19South Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#122015-11-26South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  NariSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#132015-12-03South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  CheckSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#142015-12-10South Korea  KeiSouth Korea  ShaMiSouth Korea  NariSouth Korea  Bany8
#152015-12-17South Korea  SokSouth Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  Check8
#162015-12-30South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  eMaLSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#172016-01-06South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  KeiSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  Yange8
#182016-01-20South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#192016-01-27South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  JisooSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#202016-02-03South Korea  BanySouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  TBD16
#212016-02-10South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  CheckSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#222016-02-17South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#232016-02-24South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD16
#242016-03-02South Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  TBDSouth Korea  TBD0
#252016-03-09South Korea  BanySouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  Music16
#262016-03-16South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  EBlueSouth Korea  Believe15
#272016-03-23South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  LawLiet16
#282016-03-30South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  BackhoeSouth Korea  Believe16
#292016-04-06South Korea  SokSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  Check15
#302016-04-13South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  Luxury16
#312016-04-27South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  BaN14
#322016-05-04South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  Yange15
#332016-05-25South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  BanySouth Korea  Yange16
#342016-06-08South Korea  CheckSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  FoCuS16
#352016-06-22South Korea  CheckSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  Nari16
#362016-07-06South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  SokSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  Believe16
#372016-07-20South Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  BackhoeSouth Korea  ZealousSouth Korea  GrayGhost16
#382016-08-03South Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  No.90South Korea  BackhoeSouth Korea  Arwen14
#392016-08-17South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  No.90South Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  Chaemiko16
#402016-08-31South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  Believe16
#412016-10-08South Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  FreeSouth Korea  Check16
#422016-10-22South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  YangeSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  Lucifer14
#432016-11-12South Korea  CheckSouth Korea  MinHyukSouth Korea  ChaemikoSouth Korea  Sok14
#442016-12-10South Korea  CheckSouth Korea  ReMinDSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  Free15
#452017-01-21South Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  CheckSouth Korea  FoCuSSouth Korea  Sense15
#462017-02-18South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  ReprisaLSouth Korea  LuciferSouth Korea  Chaemiko16
#472017-03-22South Korea  LawLietSouth Korea  CheckSouth Korea  RalriSouth Korea  Lucifer9
#482017-04-12South Korea  BelieveSouth Korea  ShineSouth Korea  GunEggSouth Korea  MinHyuk14

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