Rusty Creek

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[e][h]Rusty Creek
Map Information
Village Fall
Spawn Positions:
4 at 2,6,8,12
  • 1.1
Competition Span:
april 2022 - present
Leagues Featured:
Mercenary Camps:


Rusty Creek is a four player map made by "Kaer" for the Hive Workshop Melee Mapping Contest #8[1][2]. It was added to the 1v1 and 2v2 mappools on W3Champions for Season 11.

Notable Features[edit]


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Map#ΣHumanNight ElfHuman%ΣNight ElfOrcNight Elf%ΣOrcUndeadOrc%ΣUndeadHumanUndead%ΣOrcHumanOrc%ΣNight ElfUndeadNight Elf%HumanOrcUndeadNight Elf
Rusty Creek1021911857.9%97277.8%71614.3%116554.5%147750.0%2191242.9%61410

Version History[edit]

Version 1.3 (November 19, 2022)[edit]

  • Removed an unintended pathing blocker located nearby the tavern

Version 1.3[3][edit]

  • We brought a large visual re-haul of this map. The flora and fauna have been revamped to be green for most of the map, so trees are similar to the rest of the maps you are familiar with.
  • Merc camps have been turned into mid game objectives and thus are harder to creep to create a harder dynamic around center map control.
  • The natural expo now has 1 centaur + 2 trolls instead of 3 centaurs (faster to creep for melee units),
  • Most of the Creep camps around the main bases have been tweaked to provide several smooth creep routes.

Version 1.2[5][edit]

  • Different units can now be hired at the mercenary camp: dark troll shadow priest and quilboar hunter now replace level 3 kobold and assassin.
  • Creeps composition reworked at shops (more medium armor, less move speed).
  • Different creeps in the middle to enable further creep routes.