Secret Valley 2

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[e][h]Secret Valley 2
Map Information
Blizzard Entertainment, Tenshi, MMC
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
2, at 1, 7


Secret Valley 2 is a two player map made by Blizzard Entertainment and modified by Tenshi and MMC.

Official Map Description[edit]

Since ages past, there is a story told in the taverns about a secret, flooded valley where shallow water can become the grave of the incautious.

Differences compared to original[1][edit]

  • Fountain camps reworked: now with two assassin gnolls and a war golem, that doesn’t sleep at night
  • Gnoll camps reworked: now with a gnoll brute and gnoll warden each, instead of two assassin gnolls
  • Natural expansions now point towards main bases and are now slightly easier to creep; treelines now play a role as natural defenses for the locations. Shops are rotated accordingly, too.
  • New creep camps between natural expansions and fountains to provide a fallback option upon being forced to give up on the fountain.
  • Enhanced visuals: more green and Ashenvale-y doodads.


vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Map#Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %Σ %
Secret Valley 23562433.3 %63350.0 %1010.0 %32166.7 %31233.3 %94544.4 %-511