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Team Information
Clan tag:
Stars War II Stars War V

Team South Korea (Clantag: KR) is the Warcraft III national team of South Korea.



Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
krSouth Korea u LuChaeL Noh Jae Wook
krSouth Korea o Music Lee Young Sun
krSouth Korea h Chaemiko Moon Chae Young
krSouth Korea h ThundeR Roh Jin Wook
krSouth Korea n ikor
krSouth Korea n LawLiet Jo Ju Yeon
krSouth Korea n Yange Kim Si Young
krSouth Korea n Zealous Lee Eun Hyoo
krSouth Korea o FoCuS Eom Hyo Sub
krSouth Korea u Bonggo


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
krSouth Korea u FoV Jo Dae Hui
krSouth Korea n Moon Jang Jae Ho
krSouth Korea n Check Lee Hyung Joo


Date Placement Tier Tournament Squad Result Prize
2021-12-10 A22nd A2Tier 2 Huya Huya 4v4 Tournament
South Korea: Sok, Chaemiko, Soin, LawLiet.
2-1 Grp. S. $785
2020-02-25 I1Won A2Tier 2 The Esports Night The Esports Night
South Korea: Check, Moon, LawLiet.
2 : 1 ChinaChina China $4,927
2018-09-28 I1Won A1Tier 1 NeXT NeXT 2018 Summer
South Korea: Lyn, FoCuS, Soin, Moon, LawLiet.
ChinaChina China $10,900
2017-08-28 A11st A7Show M. Check Cup Check Cup #6 - Korea vs Europe
South Korea: FoCuS, Sok, LawLiet, LuChaeL.
5 : 1 EuropeEurope Europe $459
2016-08-14 I1Won A1Tier 1 World Cyber Arena WCA 2016 - CN vs. KR
South Korea: ReMinD, Lyn, Check, FoCuS, LawLiet.
58 - 31 ChinaChina China $52,892
2016-05-29 A11st A2Tier 2 Nations Championship 2016
South Korea: Check, FoCuS, Believe, Sok, Bluetale, Chaemiko, LawLiet, LuChaeL.
3 : 0 RussiaRussia Russia $638
2010-04-18 A11st A1Tier 1 Stars War Stars War V
South Korea: ReMinD, Lyn, Check, SocceR.
2-0 Grp. S. $7,354
2006-06-18 A33rd A1Tier 1 Stars War Stars War III
South Korea: Lyn, Check, Sweet, ReiGn, Rainbow.
6 - 5 ChinaChina China $2,000
2006-01-22 A11st A1Tier 1 Stars War Stars War II
South Korea: Zacard, Sweet, FoV, Moon, LuChaeL.
2-0 Grp. S. $5,000
2004-08-08 A11st A2Tier 2 WEM World e-Sports Games China Korea Esport Games
South Korea: Zacard, Sweet, FoV, Anyppi, MyOnlyStar.
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