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Stars War II

[e][h]Stars War II
League Information
GIGABYTE Technology
Game Version:
China Shanghai
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Teams:
1v1 Map pool

Prize Pool[edit]

$10,000 are spread among the players as seen below:


Human Human (4) Orc Orc (3) Undead Undead (4) Night Elf Night Elf (4)
China Sky
Netherlands Grubby
Korea (South) FoV
Korea (South) Moon
France ToD
Korea (South) Zacard
Korea (South) Sweet
China suhO
China xiaOt
Bulgaria Insomnia
Korea (South) Lucifer
Sweden SaSe
China GuangMo
China Gstar
Ukraine HoT


Team Europe
1 Netherlands  Grubby
2 France  ToD
3 Bulgaria  Insomnia
4 Sweden  SaSe
5 Ukraine  HoT
Team China
1 China  Sky
2 China  suhO
3 China  xiaOt
4 China  GuangMo
5 China  Gstar
Team South Korea
1 Korea (South)  FoV
2 Korea (South)  Zacard
3 Korea (South)  Moon
4 Korea (South)  Sweet
5 Korea (South)  Lucifer


Each team (Europe, Korea, and China) has 5 players. The teams will play against each other once. The first team to get 5 points, wins the match. A point is gained by winning a match. One match will be played at a time. The five players are put in the line-up on "Spot 1", "Spot 2", "Spot 3", "Spot 4" and "Spot 5", meeting the player from the other team on the same spot. Players will not know what maps will be picked for each spot until the lineups are revealed. The maps are decided by the team which isn't playing; i.e. Team Europe will choose the map order for China vs. Korea. The available maps are Lost Temple RoC, Turtle Rock, Echo Isles, Gnoll Wood and Twisted Meadows. Spot 1 will be played first, Spot 2 as second, and so on. There are only 2 PC's on a majestic stage, so turns are taken to play. The losers from the matches are defeated, resulting in a point for the opponent. The first winner from a team will play on Spot 6 against the first winner (if any) from the other team. Whereas the first 5 matches were "WC3L style" (meaning that each player plays their matches regardless of outcome), Match 6 to potentially Match 9 will be "King of the Hill style", as the winner stands and challenges the next winner from the other team. When all 5 players are defeated from a team, they lose. The most recent rule to be added is that once an entire team has been defeated, the fans have the opportunity to pick one player from the defeated team to come back and play one more time, giving their team one last chance to win.


Match 1[edit]

{{#switch:europe|tbd=TBD |tba=TBA |warcraft=warcraft |gamer tales=Gamer Tales |team progamers=Template:Team2/pro gamers|Europe } 3 6 South Korea

Match 2[edit]

{{#switch:south korea|tbd=TBD |tba=TBA |warcraft=warcraft |gamer tales=Gamer Tales |team progamers=Template:Team2/pro gamers|South Korea } 6 0 China

Match 3[edit]

{{#switch:europe|tbd=TBD |tba=TBA |warcraft=warcraft |gamer tales=Gamer Tales |team progamers=Template:Team2/pro gamers|Europe } 5 6 China


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