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Strength is a hero attribute, that increases the amount of maximum hit points and the hit point regeneration of the hero.


  • Increases base attack damage by 1, if strength is the primary attribute
    Note: increased base attack damage results in more bonus damage from percentage damage increase
  • Increases maximum hit points by 25
  • Increases hit point regeneration by 0.05 hit points per second
    Note: the hit point regeneration is independant of the regeneration type of the hero and always regenerates hit points.

Strength Heroes[edit]

The strength heroes, defined by having strength as their primary attribute, are

Hero Primary Attribute Abilities
Alchemist Alchemist Strength Acid Bomb Chemical Rage Healing Spray Transmute 
Beastmaster Beastmaster Strength Stampede Summon Bear Summon Hawk Summon Quilbeast 
Crypt Lord Crypt Lord Strength Carrion Beetles Impale Locust Swarm Spiked Carapace 
Death Knight Death Knight Strength Animate Dead Death Coil Death Pact Unholy Aura 
Dreadlord Dreadlord Strength Carrion Swarm Inferno Sleep Vampiric Aura 
Mountain King Mountain King Strength Avatar Bash Storm Bolt Thunder Clap 
Paladin Paladin Strength Devotion Aura Divine Shield Holy Light Resurrection 
Pandaren Brewmaster Pandaren Brewmaster Strength Breath of Fire Drunken Brawler Drunken Haze Storm, Earth, And Fire 
Pit Lord Pit Lord Strength Cleaving Attack Doom Howl of Terror Rain of Fire 
Tauren Chieftain Tauren Chieftain Strength Endurance Aura Reincarnation Shockwave War Stomp 


Strength Items[edit]


  • There is no ranged strength hero (the Alchemist is only ranged when attacking air)
  • Strength heroes are the best late game heroes
  • Most strength heroes have powerful abilities, but a small mana pool and greatly benefit from additional mana
  • 10 points of strength give the same amount of hit point regeneration as one level of Unholy Aura
  • 40 points of strength give the same amount of hit point regeneration as a Ring of Regeneration