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Team SiLence

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[e][h]Team SiLence
Team Information
Clan tag:
Approx. Total Winnings:

Team SiLence (clan tag: SiL) is a Chinese Warcraft 3 team.



IDNameJoin Date
China  HuG
(Li Wenxin)
Li Wenxin
Join Date: 
China  King
(Qin Hongwei)
Qin Hongwei
Join Date: 
China  aImee
(Chen Qichao)
Chen Qichao
Join Date: 
China  Piao
(Huang Zhuneng)
Huang Zhuneng
Join Date: 
China  Mango
(Wang Heng)
Wang Heng
Join Date: 
China  Sini
(Gao Jialian)
Gao Jialian
Join Date: 
China  CXQ
(Wang Yihan)
Wang Yihan
Join Date: 
China  Woniu
(Zhou Hao)
Zhou Hao
Join Date: 
China  Mengbala
(Zhou An)
Zhou An
Join Date: 


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
China  Wing
(Zhuang Haojie)
Zhuang Haojie
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  CooLXian
(Xu Yonglan)
Xu Yonglan
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  Tom
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  Jerry
(Xu Wei)
Xu Wei
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  ANO
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  Javes
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  铭创
(Zhou Ming)
Zhou Ming
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
China  apm87
(Zheng Bo)
Zheng Bo
Join Date: 
Leave Date: 
South Korea  CivilEng
(Kim Sung-hee)
Kim Sung-hee
Join Date: 
Leave Date: