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Terenas Stand

[e][h]Terenas Stand
Map Information
Blizzard Entertainment
Spawn Positions:
2, at 10, 4
Mercenary Camps:


Terenas Stand is a two player map made by Blizzard Entertainment.

Currently there are two main versions of Terenas Stand, one for game versions prior to 1.29 (including W3Arena) and a new edition released with 1.29 (also played on NetEase). The latter is also known as Terenas Stand LV.

Official Map Description[edit]

"Noble countrymen, evil is upon us. Darkness has befallen our shores. Rise and slay thy enemies… strike, strike so others shall live. The meek shall not fade into the night… live my brethren, live." – King Terenas


Human vs. Night Elf Night Elf vs. Orc Orc vs. Undead Undead vs. Human Orc vs. Human Night Elf vs. Undead Mirrors
Map # Σ Human Night Elf Human % Σ Night Elf Orc Night Elf % Σ Orc Undead Orc % Σ Undead Human Undead % Σ Orc Human Orc % Σ Night Elf Undead Night Elf % Human Night Elf Orc Undead
Terenas StandTerenas Stand    2203 603 287 316 47.6% 335 179 156 53.4% 190 108 82 56.8% 150 66 84 44.0% 173 72 101 41.6% 181 112 69 61.9% 161 264 84 46

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.20e Neutral Added some trees to high ground above Red start location to prevent a siege unit attack imbalance.
Neutral Replaced Mercenary Camp type from Village to Lordaeron Summer.
1.19 Neutral New map from our Bonus Map program.