The Two Rivers

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[e][h]The Two Rivers
Map Information
Andrew Taylor
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
2, at 1, 7
Leagues Featured:


The Two Rivers is a two player map made by Andrew Taylor for Blizzard's 2003 Multiplayer Map Contest.[1]

Official Map Description[edit]

Separated from your enemy by two narrow bridges, you might find a Goblin Zeppelin useful in fending off attacks or dropping off a raiding party.

Notable Features[edit]

No tavern and only one shop.


Human vs. Night Elf Night Elf vs. Orc Orc vs. Undead Undead vs. Human Orc vs. Human Night Elf vs. Undead Mirrors
Map # Σ Human Night Elf Human % Σ Night Elf Orc Night Elf % Σ Orc Undead Orc % Σ Undead Human Undead % Σ Orc Human Orc % Σ Night Elf Undead Night Elf % Human Night Elf Orc Undead
The Two RiversThe Two Rivers    211 30 11 19 36.7% 25 14 11 56.0% 27 15 12 55.6% 29 9 20 31.0% 16 6 10 37.5% 28 12 16 42.9% 15 14 7 9

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.15 Neutral Removed the Rune of Rebirth from Ogre Mage; added Rune of Mana to Ogre Mage.
Neutral Lowered Ogre Lord drop from permanent level-6 item to level-5 item. Increased level of power up.
1.12 Neutral Gold mine positioning has been rebalanced and the starting location tree placement has been improved.


  1. 2003 Map Contest, Overview of all 11 winning maps.