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Timbermaw Hold (TFT)

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[e][h]Timbermaw Hold
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
6 at 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11

Official Map Description[edit]

Centuries ago, Dragons abandoned this place when it was overrun by Satyrs. Wade the shallows and reclaim the land.

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • Dragon camps now also drop a Level 2 Power Up.
  • Satyr camps guarding gold mines now drop a Level 3 Permanent and Level 2 Power Up.
  • Moved the bottom Dragon Roost creep closer together to eliminate two creep icons.
  • Moved bottom middle start location deeper into forest to prevent the easy (green) creep camp from being nuked from start location placement. Same change to the bottom left position.
  • Added a tree to the hole in the forest at the top left position to prevent units from getting stuck when portaling home.