Tirisfal Glades

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[e][h]Tirisfal Glades
Map Information
Alex Tingley
Village Fall
Spawn Positions:
2, at 5, 11
Leagues Featured:
Mercenary Camps:


Tirisfal Glades is a two player map made by Alex Tingey for Blizzard's 2003 Multiplayer Map Contest.[1]

Official Map Description[edit]

Restless servants of the Undead linger to the east and west, but the rain has washed most of these glades clean of the Scourge's taint.


Human vs. Night Elf Night Elf vs. Orc Orc vs. Undead Undead vs. Human Orc vs. Human Night Elf vs. Undead Mirrors
Map # Σ Human Night Elf Human % Σ Night Elf Orc Night Elf % Σ Orc Undead Orc % Σ Undead Human Undead % Σ Orc Human Orc % Σ Night Elf Undead Night Elf % Human Night Elf Orc Undead
Tirisfal GladesTirisfal Glades    45 15 8 7 53.3% 5 3 2 60.0% 5 2 3 40.0% 2 0 2 0.0% 4 3 1 75.0% 10 2 8 20.0% 1 2 - 1

Version History[edit]

Balance Patch History
Patch Version Balance Changes
1.19 Neutral Added a Tavern to each side of the map, reduced the level of the creep that guard the Mercenary buildings as well as the level of the items they drop, and reduced two Orange creep camps and level of the item drops.
1.15 Neutral Added more trees to bottom start location.
Neutral Mercenary creep camps are better suited to drop a level-4 charged item.
1.13 Neutral Red creep camp a bit easier; lowered the level of item drop from 7 to 5.


  1. 2003 Map Contest, Overview of all 11 winning maps.