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Turtle Rock

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[e][h]Turtle Rock
Map Information
Lordaeron Summer
Spawn Positions:
4 at 4, 5, 10, 11


Turtle Rock is a four player map made by Blizzard Entertainment.

Official Map Description[edit]

Once an island for all those who were exiled, this has now become an island of riches for those who seek its hidden treasures.


  • The map is named after a real location in Irvine, close to Blizzard's headquarters

Notable Games[edit]


Human vs. Night ElfNight Elf vs. OrcOrc vs. UndeadUndead vs. HumanOrc vs. HumanNight Elf vs. UndeadMirrors
Map#ΣHumanNight ElfHuman%ΣNight ElfOrcNight Elf%ΣOrcUndeadOrc%ΣUndeadHumanUndead%ΣOrcHumanOrc%ΣNight ElfUndeadNight Elf%HumanOrcUndeadNight Elf
Turtle Rock11427160585874753.5%1850102582555.4%144875869052.3%97752745053.9%120757463347.6%151370880546.8%5426015691115

Version History[edit]

Version 1.6[1][edit]

  • Added critters (1 at the tavern, 1 between each starting green and orange camp, 1 near each shop, 1 between each two neighboring starting locations).
  • Removed runes of the watcher and runes of healing.
  • Removed the possibility to AOW-creep the bottom-left orange camp.
  • Removed the possibility to build AOWs around the right red camp.
  • No longer possible to abuse pathing to creep red camps with just a hero and a mechanical critter.
  • Rebalanced starting locations (fairer tree distribution, more space to build structures inside).
  • Cleared forests across the map to reduce the amount of chokepoints.

Blizzard changes[edit]

Balance Patch History
VersionReleaseBalance Changes
  • The 4 Ogre Warriors along the outer pathways now drop Level 2 Permanent instead of Level 2 Charged items.
  • Opened areas of the map to help alleviate strong choke points that favor ranged unit combat.
  • Top right and bottom left creep camps now drop equivalent items.
  • Added some trees to the south Goblin Merchant area to prevent the player from making purchases from the building without engaging the creeps that guard the building.
  • Changed several creep drops to help with game flow.
  • The two large turtles that are placed between player bases each drop a better item.
  • Removed Rune of Lesser Healing from the expansion creep.