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Upgrades are researchable improvements for heroes, units, and buildings. They can improve innate abilities or grant access to new ones. They can also improve stats of units or buildings like Animal War Training or the Improved Masonry. Upgrades for heroes are quite rare, as their stats and abilities usually get better as they gain experience and advance in levels.

Building Upgrades[edit]

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Improved Masonry Nature's Blessing Spiked Barricades
Advanced Masonry Well Spring Improved Spiked Barricades
Imbued Masonry Reinforced Defenses
Magic Sentry
Fragmentation Shards

Unit Upgrades[edit]

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Attack Upgrades
Iron Forged Swords Strength of the Moon Steel Melee Weapons Unholy Strength
Steel Forged Swords Improved Strength of the Moon Thorium Melee Weapons Improved Unholy Strength
Mithril Forged Swords Advanced Strength of the Moon Arcanite Melee Weapons Advanced Unholy Strength
Black Gunpowder Strength of the Wild Steel Ranged Weapons Creature Attack
Refined Gunpowder Improved Strength of the Wild Thorium Ranged Weapons Improved Creature Attack
Imbued Gunpowder Advanced Strength of the Wild Arcanite Ranged Weapons Advanced Creature Attack
Armor Upgrades
Iron Plating Moon Armor Steel Armor Unholy Armor
Steel Plating Improved Moon Armor Thorium Armor Improved Unholy Armor
Mithril Plating Advanced Moon Armor Arcanite Armor Advanced Unholy Armor
Studded Leather Armor Reinforced Hides Creature Carapace
Reinforced Leather Armor Improved Reinforced Hides Improved Creature Carapace
Dragonhide Armor Advanced Reinforced Hides Advanced Creature Carapace
Adept and Master Training
Priest Adept Training Druid of the Talon Adept Training Shaman Adept Training Necromancer Adept Training
Priest Master Training Druid of the Talon Master Training Shaman Master Training Necromancer Master Training
Sorceress Adept Training Druid of the Claw Adept Training Witch Doctor Adept Training Banshee Adept Training
Sorceress Master Training Druid of the Claw Master Training Witch Doctor Master Training Banshee Master Training
Spirit Walker Adept Training
Spirit Walker Master Training
Individual Upgrades
Defend Improved Bows Pillage Cannibalize
Long Rifles Marksmanship Brute Strength Ghoul Frenzy
Control Magic Sentinel Troll Regeneration Web
Flak Cannons Moon Glaive Berserker Upgrade Burrow
Flying Machine Bombs Vorpal Blades Burning Oil Stone Form
Flare Mark of the Talon Ensnare Skeletal Mastery
Fragmentation Shards Abolish Magic Envenomed Spears Disease Cloud
Animal War Training Mark of the Claw War Drums Damage Increase Exhume Corpses
Cloud Resistant Skin Liquid Fire Destroyer Form
Sundering Blades Hardened Skin Pulverize Damage Increase Freezing Breath
Barrage Corrosive Breath
Storm Hammers

Hero Upgrades[edit]

Human Human Night Elf Night Elf Orc Orc Undead Undead
Nature's Blessing

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