Warcraft 3 Nations League - Season 2

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[e][h]Warcraft 3 Nations League - Season 2
League Information
Game version:
World World
Group stage: round robin
Playoffs: single elimination
Prize Pool:
$2,053 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Tier 3 Team
Participants breakdown
Number of teams:
2v2 Maps

The Warcraft 3 Nations League is a national teams competition, organized by FrenchCraft and crowdfunded.

It's played online on W3Champions FLO servers.


Tie format[edit]

Each encounter between teams consists of 4 series (matches between players):

  • 3x 1vs1, played as Bo3;
  • 1x 2vs2, played as Bo3;
  • ACE: 1vs1, played as Bo1.

Each map won is worth one point (but ACE match which is worth none).


Among the 10 nations, 6 are invited and 4 are qualified:

Group stage (10 into 4)[edit]

The group stage consists of 2 groups of 5 teams each:

  • Round robin (a team faces each other once);
  • Points based ranking, in case of tie:
    • The encounters won;
    • Then the maps lost;
    • Eventually the direct confrontation determine the best team.
  • The top 2 of each group advance to the playoffs;


The four remaining countries face in a single elimination bracket.

Map pool[edit]

Prize pool[edit]


1China Random OrcWolf
2China Mirror
3China Human Fortitude
4China Nightelf Alice
5China Nightelf Sini
6China Nightelf Zhou_Xixi
7China Orc ice orc
8China Orc 无道oc
9China Undead Mango
10China Undead tbc_bm
11China Orc XiaoKK
1France OzZy
2France Human ToD
3France Nightelf Wiz
4France Undead KraV
5France Human Ze1Ko
1Ukraine Undead Ser
2Ukraine Nightelf Foggy
3Ukraine Nightelf Sonik
South Korea
1South Korea Undead LuChaeL
2South Korea Orc Music
3South Korea Human Chaemiko
4South Korea Human ThundeR
5South Korea Nightelf ikor
6South Korea Nightelf LawLiet
7South Korea Nightelf Yange
8South Korea Nightelf Zealous
9South Korea Orc FoCuS
10South Korea Undead Bonggo
1Serbia Nightelf Hastur
2Serbia Nightelf Ajk
3Serbia Human atheistP
4Serbia Nightelf GrayWarden
5Serbia Nightelf FpXy
1Poland Stowka
2Poland Undead TeRRoR
3Poland Human Valdis
4Poland Nightelf Ankhes
5Poland Nightelf Glare
6Poland Nightelf Paladyn
7Poland Nightelf Robinson
8Poland Nightelf Smurf
9Poland Nightelf SoKeR
10Poland Orc NoV
11Poland Undead Aserinox
1Russia Human CaSpeND
2Russia Nick
3Russia Human JohnnyCage
4Russia Nightelf Dise
5Russia Orc Cash
6Russia Orc CoopeR
7Russia Undead Sheik
1Germany Undead Hax
2Germany Undead sp4rta
3Germany Human Drunken
4Germany Human Sunny
5Germany Nightelf Kevin
6Germany Nightelf Spiral
7Germany Nightelf Trunkz
8Spain Orc Scars
9Germany Orc ToM
10Germany Undead Edo
11Germany Undead WaN
12Germany Undead XlorD
1Brazil Forkxx
2Brazil Human Dazzle
3Brazil Human Wulong
4Brazil Nightelf FredAleixo
5Brazil Nightelf MysT
6Brazil Nightelf PaTo
7Brazil Nightelf PhiLbOis
8Brazil Orc BFRjonathan
9Brazil Orc GhOosT
10Brazil Undead EdGE
11Brazil Undead Thiiago
1Peru Nightelf MoonAndino
2Peru Nightelf Fenix
3Peru Nightelf Hunter
4Peru Nightelf Walter
5Peru Orc DanGer
6Peru Orc Kiosuke
  • RussiaRussia Russia was excluded from the tournament because the majority of teams in group B refused to play their matches against them. They were replaced by NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands
  • United StatesUnited States United States was replaced by PeruPeru Peru. Peru quit the competition afterwards.


List of all approved streamers:



Group stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
 # Player PlayerMmPts
1st ChinaChina China 5-0 46-14 46
2nd PolandPoland Poland 4-1 39-21 39
3rd SwedenSweden Sweden 3-2 32-28 32
4th FranceFrance France 2-3 29-31 29
5th BrazilBrazil Brazil 1-4 18-42 28
6th SerbiaSerbia Serbia 0-5 16-44 16
Week 4
CHN ChinaChina 9
April 3, 2022 - 14:00 CEST
ice orc  China 2 BlademasterTauren Chieftain
BlademasterTauren Chieftain
Northern Isles
Echo Isles
Demon HunterBeastmasterTinker
Demon HunterNaga Sea Witch
0 Poland  Paladyn
Alice  China 2 Demon HunterPandaren Brewmaster
Demon Hunter
Last Refuge
Priestess of the MoonNaga Sea Witch
Priestess of the Moon
0 Poland  Smurf
Fortitude  China W Poland  TeRRoR
Fortitude  China
无道oc  China
W Poland  TeRRoR
Poland  Paladyn
3 PolandPoland POL
SWE SwedenSweden 8 4 BrazilBrazil BRA
FRA FranceFrance 8
March 31, 2022 - 21:00 CEST
Wiz  France 2 Demon HunterTinker
Demon HunterDark Ranger
Northern Isles
Autumn Leaves
Priestess of the Moon
Priestess of the MoonNaga Sea Witch
0 Serbia  FpXy
Ze1Ko  France 0 ArchmageBlood Mage
ArchmageBlood Mage
Northern Isles
Keeper of the GrovePandaren Brewmaster
Keeper of the GrovePandaren Brewmaster
2 Serbia  Ajk
KraV  France 2 Death Knight
Death KnightLichNaga Sea Witch
Echo Isles
Last Refuge
Demon Hunter
Keeper of the GroveDemon Hunter
0 Serbia  GrayWarden
KraV  France
Wiz  France
2 Lost Temple LV
Gnoll Wood
1 Serbia  Ajk
Serbia  atheistP
4 SerbiaSerbia SRB
Week 5
FRA FranceFrance 3
April 16, 2022 - 17:00 CEST
Ze1Ko  France 0 ArchmageBlood Mage
ArchmageMountain King
Last Refuge
Concealed Hill
Keeper of the GroveNaga Sea Witch
2 Poland  Paladyn
Wiz  France 0 Demon HunterPandaren Brewmaster
Demon HunterNaga Sea Witch
Autumn Leaves
Concealed Hill
Death KnightLich
Death KnightLich
2 Poland  Aserinox
KraV  France 2 Death KnightLich
LichDeath Knight
Concealed Hill
0 Poland  Smurf
KraV  France
Wiz  France
W Poland  NoV
Poland  Paladyn
9 PolandPoland POL
CHN ChinaChina 12 0 BrazilBrazil BRA
SRB SerbiaSerbia 2
April 18, 2022 - 19:00 CEST
Ajk  Serbia 2
Last Refuge

1 Sweden  Starshaped
Hastur  Serbia 0 Priestess of the MoonNaga Sea Witch
Demon HunterNaga Sea Witch
Autumn Leaves
Northern Isles
Demon HunterPriestess of the Moon
Demon HunterNaga Sea Witch
2 Sweden  LiiLD.C
GrayWarden  Serbia 0 Keeper of the GroveDemon Hunter
Keeper of the GroveDemon Hunter
Concealed Hill
Last Refuge
Death KnightLich
Death KnightLich
2 Sweden  Skutt
Ajk  Serbia
Hastur  Serbia
W Sweden  Starshaped
Sweden  ThorZaIN
10 SwedenSweden SWE

Group B[edit]

South KoreaSouth Korea8-411-12-710-2
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2-102-108-43-9
South KoreaSouth KoreaUkraineUkraineNetherlandsNetherlandsGermanyGermanyUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom
Group B
 # Player PlayerMmPts
1st GermanyGermany Germany 4-0 36-9 36
2nd South KoreaSouth Korea South Korea 3-1 31-14 31
3rd UkraineUkraine Ukraine 1-2 18-18 18
4th United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom 1-3 15-33 15
5th NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 0-3 5-31 5
Week 1
KOR South KoreaSouth Korea 8
March 12, 2022 - 17:00 CET
Music  South Korea 0
Last Refuge

2 Ukraine  Foggy
LuChaeL  South Korea 2

0 Ukraine  Ser
Chaemiko  South Korea 2
Echo Isles

0 Ukraine  Sonik
Bonggo  South Korea
Zealous  South Korea
2 Twisted Meadows
1 Ukraine  Foggy
Ukraine  Ser
4 UkraineUkraine UKR
GBR United KingdomUnited Kingdom 3 9 GermanyGermany DEU
Week 3
NLD NetherlandsNetherlands 0
April 3, 2022 - 17:00 CEST
Ikbencool  Netherlands 0 Mountain KingPaladin
ArchmageMountain KingPaladin
Echo Isles
Northern Isles
LichDeath Knight
LichDeath KnightDark Ranger
2 Germany  WaN
Germany got default win on all maps except Echo Isles.
12 GermanyGermany DEU
GBR United KingdomUnited Kingdom 2
April 3, 2022 - 15:00 CEST
D4rK  United Kingdom 0
Concealed Hill

2 South Korea  Music
Hipposaur  United Kingdom 0
Echo Isles

2 South Korea  Chaemiko
iDentify  United Kingdom 1
Last Refuge

2 South Korea  LuChaeL
Hipposaur  United Kingdom
ToX  United Kingdom
1 Gnoll Wood
2 South Korea  LuChaeL
South Korea  Zealous
10 South KoreaSouth Korea KOR
Week 4
KOR South KoreaSouth Korea 11 1 NetherlandsNetherlands NLD
GBR United KingdomUnited Kingdom 2
April 2, 2022 - 17:00 CEST
D4rK  United Kingdom 0 Far SeerTauren ChieftainShadow Hunter
Far SeerShadow Hunter
Northern Isles
Echo Isles
Keeper of the GrovePandaren Brewmaster
Keeper of the GrovePandaren Brewmaster
2 Ukraine  Foggy
Hipposaur  United Kingdom 2

1 Ukraine  Ser
ToX  United Kingdom 0 Archmage
Death Knight
Echo Isles
Autumn Leaves
Demon Hunter
2 Ukraine  Sonik
D4rK  United Kingdom
ToX  United Kingdom
0 Lost Temple LV
2 Ukraine  Foggy
Ukraine  Sonik
10 UkraineUkraine UKR
Week 5
UKR UkraineUkraine  
April 17, 2022 - 17:00 CEST
Not played.
  NetherlandsNetherlands NLD
KOR South KoreaSouth Korea 2 7 GermanyGermany DEU


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