Washed Up League - Season 1

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[e][h]Washed Up League - Season 1
League Information
Washed up League Washed Up League
Game Version:
7 Divisions
Prize pool:
$ 135 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Participants Breakdown
Number of Players:
1v1 map pool

The Washed Up League is a twice weekly recreational league for players residing in North America, South America, South East Asia and Oceania. It's organized by Team Washed Up and sponsored by Party Arena.

There is no MMR restriction but the league's goal is to promote competitive play for all players ranging from beginners to tournament winners. Players will be grouped according to skill based on W3Champions MMR at the end of signups.

All matches are played online on the American Battle.net server.

Format and dates[edit]


Signups are open until June 20th 11:59pm PST
Washed Up League Season 1 is free to enter and there are no qualifiers. You must have 30 solo games played on W3Champions to sign up.

Regular season[edit]

Season run for 4 weeks followed by a playoffs for each division.

  • The League begin on Monday June 22nd.
  • Playweeks run Monday through Sunday.
  • 2 matches per player per week.
  • Each match played as Bo3.
  • 4 players per group advance to the playoffs.


Each division will have their own playoffs bracket :

  • Single elimination bracket.
  • Semi-finals are played as Bo3 and to be completed at your own discretion before Friday July 24th 5:00pm PDT.
  • Third place match is played as Bo3 and is to be completed at your own discretion before Sunday July 26th 11:59pm PDT.
  • Finals of all divisions played as Bo5, cast by Sosorryman and Soulglider. This match will be played according to the schedule on Discord.

Prize pool[edit]

$ 135 are spread among the players as seen below :

  • $ 60 for Division 1,
  • $ 30 for Division 2,
  • $ 15 per Lower Division. (only Division 5, 6 & 7 got paid. Division 3 & 4 finalists didn't manage to play their match before the season ended). Organization kept the prize to re-invest it into Season 2.


Human Human (4) Orc Orc (2) Undead Undead (4) Night Elf Night Elf (6)
Division 1
South Korea ThundeR
Australia RavinDrannor
New Zealand SaysO
Peru Hunter
United States Hitman
United States RSM
United States Ark
Division 2
United States SoSorryMan
Canada Deuce
Canada Meecro
United States Soulglider
United States Lado
South Africa ReaVeR New Zealand Ceron
Canada Believe


 English Speaking Sosorryman

  • Featured matches will be cast every Wednesday and Thursday starting at 6:00pm PDT


  • Division 1 complete results here.
  • Division 2 complete results here.
  • Other divisions complete results [1].

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