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For the company, see World Cyber Games (Company).

World Cyber Games
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World world
Prize pool:
$ 815,530
August 6, 2003
November 8, 2020

The World Cyber Games (WCG) is an international competitive video-gaming (e-sports) event operated by South Korean company World Cyber Games Inc., and sponsored by Samsung and Microsoft. WCG events attempt to emulate a traditional sporting tournament, such as the Olympic Games; events include an official opening ceremony, and players from various countries compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. The official motto of WCG is "Beyond the Game", which is also the title of a documentary about e-sports.


As of 2011, the World Cyber Games is the largest global electronic sport tournament, with divisions in various countries. The World Cyber Games, created by International Cyber Marketing CEO Hank Jeong and backed financially by Samsung, is considered the e-sports Olympics; events include an official opening ceremony, and players from various countries compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. The organization itself has an official mascot, and uses an Olympic Games inspired logo. Organizations from each participating country conduct preliminary events at a regional level, before conducting national finals to determine the players best suited to represent them in the main World Cyber Games tournament event. All events have areas for spectators, but the tournament can also be viewed over internet video streams.

From 2002 to 2013, the World Cyber Games was the most prestigious world championship for Warcraft III.

Hall of fame[edit]

Most successful players (only individual main events) :


World events[edit]

#Date 1st 2nd Third Fourth # 
20032003-10-13Bulgaria  InsomniaChina  ChinaHumanRomania  EviscEratoRTaiwan  ShaMan74
20042004-10-07Netherlands  GrubbySouth Korea  ZacardFrance  ToDUnited States  Shortround93
20052005-11-17China  SkyUnited States  ShortroundNetherlands  GrubbyFrance  ToD88
20062006-10-19China  SkyFrance  ToDUkraine  HoTRussia  XyLigan71
20072007-10-03Norway  CreolophusChina  SkySouth Korea  MoonRussia  XyLigan51
20082008-11-05Netherlands  GrubbySouth Korea  MoonRussia  HappyUkraine  HoT51
20092009-11-11China  InfiChina  Fly100%South Korea  LynRussia  Happy34
20102010-09-30South Korea  ReMinDNetherlands  GrubbySouth Korea  LynRussia  Nicker20
20112011-12-08South Korea  LynChina  SkyChina  Fly100%Russia  HawK8
20122012-11-29China  TeDChina  Fly100%China  SkySouth Korea  Moon8
20132013-11-27China  TH000South Korea  MoonSouth Korea  FoCuSChina  EleGaNt6
20192019-07-18China  InfiChina  TH000South Korea  MoonRussia  HawK7
20202020-09-07China  Fly100%South Korea  MoonChina  eer0China  Colorful16

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