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World Cyber Games 2019 - China Regional Qualifier

[e][h]WCG 2019 - China Regional Qualifiers
League Information
Single elimination
Prize pool:
$ 0
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

The World Cyber Games 2019 China Regional Qualifiers are the first step for Chinese players to get a spot at the most important tournament of the year : the World Cyber Games 2019.

It's an open qualifier, top 8 will grant a spot for the last qualification stage : China Finals. It will be played online on NetEase-servers.

Format and dates[edit]

The qualifier consits of 8 groups each featuring :

  • 128 seeds single elimination bracket without seeding,
  • early rounds are played as Bo1,
  • final are played as Bo3,
  • winner of each group advance to China Finals

Notable Participants[edit]

Human Human Orc Orc Undead Undead Night Elf Night Elf
From Group A
China TH000
China Fly100%
China tbc_bm
From Group B
China 无道oc
China 120
China Life
From Group C
China Yumiko
China SuperBT China 14sui
China ice orc
China Zhou_Xixi
China Fast
China Suns
China Sini
China Three
From Group D
China Gyc China XiaoKai
China Mango
China WFZ
China Nova
From Group E
China XiaoKK
China ForDream
China Ever13
From Group F
China FQQ China HuG China TeD China CoolXian
China Aries Rose China HurricaneBo
China Colorful
From Group G
China 瓜瓜上神 China Lin Guagua China Xun China Invain
From Group H
China Infi
China pcg_123
China Ocean China Pink China HomeSaber
China GuL1
have to be sorted
China Endurance China Mummu China Tisiphone China HuaZhu
China tank China Pingge China 9deathless China angeline
China Bike China Water
China Melody

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