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[e][h]In the Name of Youth Clan
Team Information
MyID Xiuxi
Team Captain:
Wang "Hj" Chenwei
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In the Name of Youth Clan, also known as just Youth, is a Chinese Warcraft 3 team.

Joining with brothers, we are under the name of Youth. We hold nothing but a desire to win.
One could only be destroyed until he lost his entire life;
One would only stop fighting until those opponents are defeated.
One lives once for sure, while as long as we have Youth, backing out of the EWCL won’t be an option.

They are most notable for taking on several European players, helping them compete in the Chinese Tournaments.


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
krSouth Korea h RohJinWook Noh Jin Wook
cnChina h Hum18
cnChina u ForFun
cnChina u Mohammedb
cnChina h Ftimba
cnChina h Meteor
cnChina o SuperBT Zhang Yixiao
cnChina n HomeSaber
ruRussia u Sheik Vladimir Nikolaev
krSouth Korea n Sml
cnChina h Gyc Guo Yuchao
cnChina n Johker
mdMoldova h Blade Vadim Gundiuc
cnChina u UDWet
cnChina o Wreckingball


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date Hire Date New Team
ruRussia o Cash Artyom Shirobokov
hrCroatia o RaZZoRMaN Antonio Burazer
ruRussia h Deathnote Viktor Orlov
uaUkraine n Foggy Andriy Koren
cnChina o ice orc Wang Changpeng
cnChina n 14sui Liu Fangyi
cnChina o 无道oc Liu Min
cnChina n ManMan


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize ($)
2018-07-13 A22nd A3Minor EWCL 25 0 : 6 $224
2018-01-26 A44th A3Minor EWCL 24 1 : 9 $158
2017-08-04 A99 - 12th A3Minor EWCL 23 3 : 7 $45
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