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[e][h] Zerter
Player Information
Jos Buijvoets
February 29, 1988 (1988-02-29) (age 33)
Night Elf
Medias (Social & stream)
2003-XX-XX - 2004-XX-XX
2005-08-01 - 2005-12-23
2006-XX-XX - 2011-XX-XX
Serious Gaming  (Manager)

Jos "Zerter" Buijvoets (born February 29, 1988) is a retired Dutch Night Elf player, manager, commentator and writer.


He participated in the 2004 World Cyber Games, 2005 World Cyber Games, 2005 Electronic Sports World, 2006 Electronic Sports World Cup and 2010 Electronic Sports World Cup. Zerter was the first player to obtain a 1500 win icon on the Northrend ladder in WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne.

He managed Serious Gaming's WarCraft III squad[1] and coached Team Netherlands to the finals of the 2009 European Nations Championship.

He was also a cast member involved with making Beyond the Game, one of the first major e-sports films.[2]

In 2015 he founded Tilburg E-Sports Association Link, an e-sports association at Tilburg University.[3]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2020-10-25 B113 - 15th A7Qualifier Warcraft 3 Nations League W3NL - EU Qual Netherlands: Zerter, Ikbencool, SushiLicious, ArminvB, Puppet, ZwarteKat, Kiezel, Thaedalius. 0-4 Grp. S. $0
2007-03-04 B010th A1Tier 1 NGL-One NGL-One - Season 2 (Regular Season) Serious Gaming: NightWOlf, Zubie, Zerter, DeMusliM, FiX, Neytpoh, Caravaggio, DoLLaR, NapS, Spittie, Shad (English player). 2-7 Grp. S. $0
2006-07-29 A77th A1Tier 1 NGL-One NGL-One - Season 1 (Regular Season) Serious Gaming: XlorD, Zubie, Zerter, DeMusliM, FiX, Caravaggio, Rholle. 3-6 Grp. S. $0
2006-05-15 A22nd A3Tier 3 NGL-One NGL-One - Season 1 - Qualifier Serious Gaming: XlorD, Zubie, Zerter, DeMusliM, Caravaggio. 4 : 2 $0
2005-05-29 A33 - 4th A6Weekly InGame inGame Warcraft Cup 2005 Spring Season – Cup 8 $0
2004-10-10 B717 - 32nd A1Tier 1 World Cyber Games World Cyber Games - 2004 lynx 0 : 2 France  FaTC $0
2004-09-05 A55 - 6th A1Tier 1 European Nations Championship ENC 2004 Netherlands: Grubby, Zerter, Surriel, Myth (Dutch player). $0
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