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Icons Global Championship 2022

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[e][h]Icons Global Championship 2022
League Information
Singapore Singapore
Prize pool:
$2,000,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia tier:
Number of teams:
Upcoming Matches
FW Flash WolvesFlash Wolvesvs.Game-LordGame-Lord GLD
June 14, 2022 - 10:00 UTC
Icons Global Championship 2022 - Play-ins
JDG JD GamingJD Gamingvs.STMN EsportsSTMN Esports STMN
June 14, 2022 - 11:30 UTC
Icons Global Championship 2022 - Play-ins
KS Keyd StarsKeyd Starsvs.J TeamJ Team JT
June 14, 2022 - 13:00 UTC
Icons Global Championship 2022 - Play-ins
KDF FreecsFreecsvs.Buriram United EsportsBuriram United Esports BRU
June 14, 2022 - 14:00 UTC
Icons Global Championship 2022 - Play-ins
FG Furious GamingFurious Gamingvs.Nova EsportsNova Esports Nova
June 15, 2022 - 10:00 UTC
Icons Global Championship 2022 - Play-ins

The Wild Rift Icons Global Championship (also known as Icons) is the crowning event of Wild Rift esports for the year and is the global championship for Wild Rift. The tournament welcomes 24 teams from 8 regions.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Host:
    • TBA
  • Commentator:
    • TBA
  • Analyst:
    • TBA


Venue moved from Europe to Singapore due to visa issues
Group Draw to be held in China China on May 15th, after the WRL Grand Finals

  • Play-in - June 14th - 18th
    • 16 teams are divided into four groups of 4 teams, with teams from the same region shall not be drawn into the same group.
      • Double Elimination Bracket
      • All matches are played in a Bo3
      • Top 2 teams from each group advances to Group Stage
  • Group Stage - June 21st - 25th
    • 16 teams are divided into four groups of 4 teams, with teams from the same region nor in the same Play-ins group shall not be drawn into the same group.
      • Each region champion will be placed directly at this stage
      • Double Elimination Bracket
      • All matches are played in a Bo3
      • Top 2 teams from each group advances to Knockout Stage
  • Knockout Stage - July 1st - 9th
    • Single Elimination
      • Quarterfinals and Semifinals are played in a Bo5
      • Finals is played in a Bo7
  • Patch Information
    • TBA

Prize Pool[edit]

$2,000,000 USD are spread among the teams and players as seen below:


Group Stage Teams[edit]

China FunPlus Phoenix
Baron LaneTaiwan Fadou
JunglerChina 0711
MiddleChina Yezi
Dragon LaneChina Sunset
SupportChina Ley
SupportChina Chao
Dragon LaneChina Xiaoma
Main RosterStaff
CChina Butter
CChina Meek
Main RosterSubstitutes
Vietnam Team Flash
Baron LaneVietnam Shy
JunglerVietnam Zysu
MiddleVietnam Coyote
Dragon LaneVietnam Elly
SupportVietnam Empty
JunglerVietnam Joyce
Main RosterStaff
CVietnam Alex
Main RosterSubstitutes
South Korea KT Rolster
Baron LaneSouth Korea Ratel
JunglerSouth Korea Do
MiddleSouth Korea XerO
Dragon LaneSouth Korea Luna
SupportSouth Korea Salem
MiddleSouth Korea NomeL
Main RosterStaff
CSouth Korea NOLJA
CSouth Korea BBT
Main RosterSubstitutes
Japan Sengoku Gaming
Baron LaneJapan Kai
JunglerSouth Korea Rush
MiddleSouth Korea HAK
Dragon LaneJapan WAN
SupportJapan Ouki
SupportJapan mochi
Main RosterStaff
Main RosterSubstitutes
Brazil Omegha E-sports
Baron LaneBrazil Huya
JunglerBrazil Benignus
MiddleBrazil suitS
Dragon LaneBrazil Aomine
SupportBrazil Seelinah
SupportBrazil Feex
Main RosterStaff
CBrazil Wonder
Main RosterSubstitutes
Latin America Leviatán
Baron LaneBolivia Androck
JunglerVenezuela Andy
MiddleArgentina Lumesh
Dragon LaneArgentina Kite
SupportArgentina Billy
JunglerArgentina Eunha
Main RosterStaff
CArgentina NewCosmo
Main RosterSubstitutes

Play-in Teams[edit]

China JD Gaming
Baron LaneChina Lemon
JunglerChina Xingdou
MiddleChina Jiujiu
Dragon Lane
Team WeiboTeam Weibo
China Chi
SupportChina Doki
SupportChina Mor
Main RosterStaff
CChina Chen
Main RosterSubstitutes
1 Timeless1 cannot attend the tournament due to Visa issues, Chi loaned from Team Weibo and Mor moved from coach to sub for this tournament. [1]
China Nova Esports
Baron LaneChina Y1ze
JunglerChina Long
MiddleChina Nian
Dragon LaneChina Remake
SupportChina Yami
MiddleChina ScarL
Main RosterStaff
CChina Ahao
Main RosterSubstitutes
1 GuoGuo cannot attend the tournament due to Visa issues, Nian moved up to starter and ScarL joined as sub for this tournament. [2]
China J Team
Baron LaneChina Dawn128
JunglerChina Cherry
MiddleChina pan
Dragon LaneChina Berry
SupportChina dy
JunglerChina MaleFic
Main Roster
1 Oh My God withdrew due to Visa issues, replaced by J Team. [3]
Taiwan Flash Wolves
Baron LaneTaiwan Ysera
JunglerTaiwan Cookie
MiddleTaiwan Bruce
Dragon LaneTaiwan Lock1ng
SupportTaiwan Eason
Dragon LaneTaiwan Demon
Dragon LaneTaiwan Calf
Main RosterStaff
CTaiwan MadWolf
Main RosterSubstitutes
Philippines Rex Regum Qeon
Baron LanePhilippines DevilJ
JunglerPhilippines Chaazz
MiddlePhilippines Helios
Dragon LanePhilippines Marky
SupportPhilippines Exosen
SupportPhilippines Maze
Main RosterStaff
CPhilippines Kaigu
CPhilippines 3finger
Main RosterSubstitutes
South Korea Freecs
Baron LaneSouth Korea Maru
JunglerSouth Korea Zeki
MiddleSouth Korea ChoiR
Dragon LaneSouth Korea Acrobat
SupportSouth Korea Noth
Baron LaneSouth Korea Dani
Main RosterStaff
CSouth Korea Tseron
CSouth Korea YK
Main RosterSubstitutes
South Korea T1
Baron LaneSouth Korea JJong
JunglerSouth Korea JY
MiddleSouth Korea Core
Dragon LaneSouth Korea BDG
SupportSouth Korea PenGuin
CSouth Korea Jun
Main Roster
Latin America STMN Esports
Baron LaneMexico WithDeath
JunglerColombia LéZing
MiddleMexico Serious
Dragon LanePuerto Rico Cold
SupportVenezuela Arvoinen
Baron LaneColombia HitmanGM
Dragon LaneColombia Gomelo
Main RosterStaff
CColombia Kristian
Main RosterSubstitutes
Brazil Keyd Stars
Baron LaneBrazil Odyceuz
JunglerBrazil LorD
MiddleBrazil Katrina
Dragon LaneBrazil NoMercy
SupportBrazil Maynah
JunglerUruguay SrMusTer
JunglerBrazil Slash
Main RosterStaff
CBrazil bielz
Main RosterSubstitutes



Play-in A
Flash WolvesFlash Wolves Flash Wolves0-00-0
Furious GamingFurious Gaming Furious Gaming0-00-0
Game-LordGame-Lord Game-Lord0-00-0
Nova EsportsNova Esports Nova Esports0-00-0

Play-in B
Donuts USGDonuts USG Donuts USG0-00-0
JD GamingJD Gaming JD Gaming0-00-0
Rex Regum QeonRex Regum Qeon Rex Regum Qeon0-00-0
STMN EsportsSTMN Esports STMN Esports0-00-0

Play-in C
J TeamJ Team J Team0-00-0
Keyd StarsKeyd Stars Keyd Stars0-00-0
Rix.GGRix.GG Rix.GG0-00-0
T1T1 T10-00-0

Play-in D
Buriram United EsportsBuriram United Esports Buriram United Esports0-00-0
FreecsFreecs Freecs0-00-0
LibertyLiberty Liberty0-00-0
SentinelsSentinels Sentinels0-00-0

 Click here for detailed results of the Play-Ins matches

Group Stage[edit]

Group A
Team FlashTeam Flash Team Flash0-00-0
LeviatánLeviatán Leviatán0-00-0

Group B
Sengoku GamingSengoku Gaming Sengoku Gaming0-00-0
Team QuesoTeam Queso Team Queso0-00-0

Group C
FunPlus PhoenixFunPlus Phoenix FunPlus Phoenix0-00-0
Omegha E-sportsOmegha E-sports Omegha E-sports0-00-0

Group D
KT RolsterKT Rolster KT Rolster0-00-0
ImmortalsImmortals Immortals0-00-0

 Click here for detailed results of the Group Stage matches


Additional Data[edit]


LanguageEnglish SpeakingPortuguese SpeakingSpainJapanPhilippinesIndonesiaMalaysiaVietnamThailandChinaGermanyCzech RepublicTaiwanSouth KoreaSpanish Speaking


PicksBlue SideRed Side
ChampionWLWR%TWLWRWLWRPlayed ByPlayed WithPlayed Vs.
0 games played0W - 0L (-)0W - 0L (-)
Click here for complete statistics table

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1China China25 / 139 (18%)0711, Berry, Chao, Cherry, Chi, Dawn128, Doki, dy, Jiujiu, Lemon, Ley, Long, MaleFic, Mor, Nian, pan, Remake, ScarL, Se7, Sunset, Xiaoma, Xingdou, Y1ze, Yami, Yezi
2South Korea South Korea20 / 139 (14%)Acrobat, BDG, ChoiR, Core, Dani, Do, HAK, Hoon, JJong, JY, Luna, Maru, NomeL, Noth, PenGuin, Ratel, Rush, Salem, XerO, Zeki
3Brazil Brazil17 / 139 (12%)Aomine, Benignus, Boss, Feex, Freaks, Huya, Katrina, Kinzin, Kona, LorD, ManoFrizer, Maynah, NoMercy, Odyceuz, Seelinah, Slash, suitS
4Japan Japan9 / 139 (6%)Kai, Khaz, Lark, Mai, mochi, Ouki, tatuki217, Threez, WAN
5Taiwan Taiwan8 / 139 (6%)Bruce, Calf, Cookie, Demon, Eason, Fadou, Lock1ng, Ysera
5United States United States8 / 139 (6%)Beginnings, Charm, Gume, Lebmont, mali, MTS, Rest, Sheesh
7Argentina Argentina7 / 139 (5%)Billy, Ek0, Eunha, Kite, Lumesh, Prusher, Sarther
8Philippines Philippines6 / 139 (4%)Chaazz, DevilJ, Exosen, Helios, Marky, Maze
8Thailand Thailand6 / 139 (4%)Archeny, Bank, Coldenfeet, NoeL, Shiba, Whatthejes
8Vietnam Vietnam6 / 139 (4%)Coyote, Elly, Empty, Joyce, Shy, Zysu
11France France5 / 139 (4%)Clue, Heste, Methanaute, Random, REDemption
12Colombia Colombia3 / 139 (2%)Gomelo, HitmanGM, LéZing
12Spain Spain3 / 139 (2%)Acolyte, Andreszed, Ruiz
14Germany Germany2 / 139 (1%)Doom, Vejos
14Mexico Mexico2 / 139 (1%)Serious, WithDeath
14Uruguay Uruguay2 / 139 (1%)Libra, SrMusTer
14Venezuela Venezuela2 / 139 (1%)Andy, Arvoinen
18Belgium Belgium1 / 139 (1%)Zefta
18Bolivia Bolivia1 / 139 (1%)Androck
18Chile Chile1 / 139 (1%)Capoxzseba
18Iraq Iraq1 / 139 (1%)IraqiZorro
18Netherlands Netherlands1 / 139 (1%)Joeyscags
18Puerto Rico Puerto Rico1 / 139 (1%)Cold
18Turkey Turkey1 / 139 (1%)Lonely Kid
18United Kingdom United Kingdom1 / 139 (1%)Snitch

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