Arena World Championship Qualification 2019

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Arena World Championship Qualification 2019[edit]

This year's AWC will feature 8 teams; 5 from EU and NA, one from APAC, one from Latin America, and one from China.

North America and Europe[edit]

AWC Points will be used to determine which four teams will attend the two Seasonal Championships between Europe and North America. The top team from the Spring Finals and the top two teams from the Summer Finals will automatically qualify for the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon. The team with the most points in North America and Europe by the end of the Arena Cup season will also automatically qualify for the AWC.


European Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 700 Method Black (EU)
2nd 460 Diabolus
3rd 380 Team Prismatic
4th 360 Wildcard Gaming
5th 300 Zizon
6th 272 nLite
7th 164 Choccy Milk Men
8th 124 DHDK Nation
9th 80 Pinguins
10th 52 OTLOV Team
11th 44 Plot Twist (EU)
11th 44 Jebingos
13th 24 Surprise Effect
13th 24 SC Panthera
13th 24 Adaptation Kings
16th 20 CGN Gold
16th 20 Battle for RMD
17th 12 Anti-damp Squad
17th 12 legion legends
17th 12 Grmbl
17th 12 Thanks

North American Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 500 M2KC
2nd 480 Cloud9
3rd 440 Method Orange
3rd 440 The Gosu Crew
5th 400 The Move
6th 280 Resurgent
7th 152 Getchur Boy Dog
8th 84 No Name
9th 72 4Fun
9th 76 Returned
10th 56 Storm
11th 36 Potato Gaming
11th 36 CML
13th 26 Five Blinks
14th 20 Malice at the Palace
15th 12 We got raid tonight
15th 12 Easy Money
15th 12 Trash Bag Kids
15th 12 Invictus


Four ANZ cups, two Taiwanese cups, and four Korean cups were held to determine the participants in the APAC Regional Finals for 2019. The top three point-earning teams from Australia and New Zealand, the top three-point earning teams from Korea, and the top two point-earning teams from Taiwan qualified for the tournament. The winner of the APAC Regional Finals, ORDER, will represent the region at the Arena World Championships.

Latin America[edit]

The participants in the LATAM regional tournament will be determined through the annual Copa América tournaments.


Four tournaments will be held to determine the participants in the Chinese regional tournament for 2019.