Arena World Championship Qualification 2018

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Arena World Championship Qualification 2018[edit]

North America and Europe[edit]

AWC Points will be used to determine which four teams will attend the two Seasonal Championships between Europe and North America. The top team from both of these events will automatically qualify for the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon. The three teams leading their regional ladder at the end of the nine cups will also qualify for the AWC.


European Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 440 Skill Capped Black
2nd 340 XRB to the moon
3rd 220 Ascendant
4th 173 Reformed
5th 172 85%
6th 160 Tempo Storm
7th 52 TJ Die Maschine
7th 52 WWDK Nation
9th 32 Skill Capped Red
9th 26 Habibi Gaming
11th 20 Team A
11th 20 OTP
13th 12 One Day
13th 12 Real Talk
13th 12 Antonio Esports
13th 12 KPI Gaming
17th 10 Living the dream
18th 6 Bearly Viable Btw
18th 6 Team Grmbl

North American Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 360 Method Orange
2nd 240 The Rejects
3rd 232 Super Frogs
4th 200 Sneakier Snakes
5th 192 The Move
6th 180 Method Black
7th 104 Tilted
8th 100 Synergy Reborn
9th 40 Jay's New Shoes
9th 40 Fairly Caustic
11th 24 Poverty Fmpal
12th 20 321
12th 20 OKAY
14th 12 The Big Bambino
14th 12 Toxic and Proud
14th 12 Mud
14th 12 Plot Twist
14th 12 Unfortch
14th 12 PILE ON

Australia and New Zealand[edit]

AWC Points will be used to determine which three teams will represent the region at the Asia-Pacific Regional Finals, alongside three Korean teams and two Taiwanese teams. The winner of the Asia-Pacific Regional finals will represent the Asia-Pacific region at the Arena World Championship at BlizzCon.

Other Regions[edit]

The World of Warcraft Esports program for 2018 is yet to be fully announced.