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[e][h]Korea - Arena Cup
League Information
South Korea 
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Qualification Points[edit]

The points available for the tournaments are as follows:

Place Arena Cup
1st 120
2nd 100
3rd 80
4th 60
5th 40
6th 40
7th 20
8th 20
9th 12
10th 12
11th 12
12th 12


  • Teams must have a minimum of three and a maximum of four players.
  • Bracket seeding is determined by the average current rating of the top three players on a team.
  • All tournaments will be played on a double elimination bracket.
  • All matches will be a Best of Five series, except the Grand Final, which will be a Best of Seven.
  • Each series will begin on Nagrand Arena.
  • Team compositions cannot contain more than one healer or more than one tank.
  • Matches between the top eight teams will be broadcast live.

Roster Swaps[edit]

Points are awarded to teams, not individuals. Once a team has earned points, they are considered 'locked' and must follow the restrictions for roster swaps if they wish to make changes to their team. Adding or removing a fourth player is not considered a roster swap and is therefore not subject to penalties, nor is a team's first actual roster swap. Any changes made outside of this may cause players to lose points.

Once a penalty-free roster swap is made, each member of the original team is considered to be part of a team fragment. If the team makes any further roster swaps, the amount of points the team has earned so far will be halved and given to the team that retains the majority of the team fragment. If the team fragments are of equal size, the team fragment that contains the team's original captain will be awarded the qualification points. [1]


Korean Leaderboard

Place Points Team
1st 420 Gray
2nd 340 Bulldozer
3rd 340 Team Light
4th 140 Wajae Bro
5th 80 Kimchi Truck
6th 40 Nomez




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