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David Thomas Mayer
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David Thomas "Cavyx" Mayer is an Austrian professional World of Warcraft player who formerly played for Three Languages One Team and SK Gaming. He is now playing for Ad Hoc Gaming.


David began playing World of Warcraft at the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. He first started playing a mage at a relatively low level, but after improving his gameplay, he was invited to join a German RBG team. It was there he made contact with several top German players. David decided to start playing arena, and was able to earn Gladiator on a priest and a druid character in Season 15. During Season 16, he picked up a paladin, and got rank 1 that season and every season afterwards he played it.

For 2015 tournament play, David chose to play a feral druid which made sense since he was one of, if not the, highest rated feral druid during Season 3 and 4 of WOD. Although his team qualified for the 2015 AWC Championship at Blizzcon, there were travel issues which resulted in them not playing.

David again made it to the EU Regional Championships in 2016 under the banner of SK Gaming, after one of their players was banned for account sharing. Unfortunately, the team didn't place high enough to earn an invitation to Blizzcon that year.

David continued to play in various tournaments under various team names throughout the years, and looks to be returning in 2021 with Ad Hoc Gaming!


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Results Prize
2021-02-14 A99 - 12th A7Qualifier AWC 2021 EU S1 Cup #3 $0
2021-01-31 A99 - 12th A7Qualifier AWC 2021 EU S1 Cup #2 $0
2021-01-17 A55 - 6th A7Qualifier AWC 2021 EU S1 Cup #1 0 : 3 $0
2019-06-17 A99 - 12th A7Qualifier AWC Summer 2019 - EU Cup #1 1 : 3 $0
2019-05-31 A33 - 4th A3Tier 3 GCDTV 6v6 EU Tournament #1 $0
2018-02-18 A99 - 12th A7Qualifier Spring EU Cup #2 1 : 3 $0
2017-07-09 A55th A7Qualifier Europe - Arena Cup #4 1 : 3 $0
2016-10-02 A55 - 6th A2Tier 2 European Regional Championship 2016 1 : 3 $4,000
2015-10-04 A33rd A2Tier 2 European Regional Championship 2015 3 : 2 $10,000
2015-09-13 A55 - 6th A6Weekly Go4WoW EU Cup #11
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0 : 2 $0
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