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Player Information
Mohamed Beshir
March 2, 1993 (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
BigZiqo, Zingo, Zingolo, Black Lizard, Little Goblin ofc, BMAH entrepreneur

Mohamed "Ziqo" Beshir is a Swedish World of Warcraft commentator, livestreamer, and prominent PvP-community member. He has a achieved a total of 17 rank 1 titles throughout his WoW career[1].


Mohammed "Ziqo" Beshir has been an active player of Blizzard games since his childhood. He discovered a love for not only playing, but also excelling at video games through Diablo 2. He later turned to World of Warcraft, where he played a Rogue in the burning crusade expansion and once again excelled, specifically in the arena. A friend of Ziqo's later advised Ziqo to switch from playing a Rogue to instead playing a Mage, which he did. Mage has since become Ziqo's signature class in World of Warcraft.

Ziqo started livestreaming his arena success on Xfire (a popular livestreaming program before twitch.tv was an alternative) in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and was at the time one of the most popular WoW arena livestreamers. He was known for his large afro, witty and funny communication with arena teammates, raps[2], and streaming from the Red Light District in Amsterdam, where he lived at the time (he has since moved back to Sweden). He later switched to streaming on Twitch.tv, and has found professional success there ever since. On top of streaming WoW arena gameplay, he has dabbled in gathering unobtainable gear sets on the Black Market Auction house in WoW[3], streamed and played a mage on the WoW Classic version, briefly streamed League of Legends where he achieved the rank of Diamond, and has even streamed some Counter Strike: Global Offensive[4].

Ziqo started his casting career as an analyst, and was an analyst on the blizzcon stage, before advancing to becoming a caster on the blizzcon stage. He has since casted many different WoW PvP tournaments and competitions both official, sponsored by Blizzard, and unofficial, community-organized events.

Ziqo is ethnically from Egypt but was born and raised in Sweden where he currently lives. He speaks Swedish, English and Arabic fluently.

Ziqo was a part of the Method organization as a content creator from mid 2017[5] until june in 2020[6], where he left with many others due to a sexual abuse scandal within the core of the Method organization. He has since joined Cloud 9 as a Streamer & Content Creator[7]. Ziqo is currently a full time streamer on Twitch[8] where he still plays and livestreams World of Warcraft actively. He sadly no longer has an afro, but has instead adopted the haircut of a GTA: San Andreas character.

Notable Events Casted or Hosted[edit]


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